Dilapidation Reports

If nearby construction works cause damage to your home or property, would you be able to prove it in court?…….or if you develop a site and neighbours could be affected, who do you turn to?

Building work such as new home construction and renovations (particularly along boundaries), road works, infrastructure projects or demolitions can easily cause building defects in nearby properties if the proper precautions aren’t taken. Cracked brickwork or paving, broken fences, water ingress or damage to landscaping can all result in costly repairs, but how can you prove that the neighbouring building work has done the damage?

Protect yourself from damage repair costs with a Dilapidation Survey.

Our Dilapidation Survey Report is a special purpose property inspection report undertaken to provide a visual assessment of the structural and cosmetic fabric defects, which are or may be related to movement of the structure or fabric, of the subject property evident on the day of the inspection prior to the commencement of neighbouring construction works.

Our expert registered building practitioner will assess the condition of your property before works commence and compile a photographic record of any pre-existing defects. If you notice damage to your property after the work starts, your Dilapidation Survey can help you get the damage rectified or support a claim for costs to repair if need be.

A detailed report by an independent registered building practitioner can help your avoid lengthy arguments and expensive repairs coming out of your pocket.

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